Faculty/Staff Resources

Recommend Students

Do you know of any exceptional students or recent alumni who would be good candidates for nationally competitive fellowships? Contact us with their names, and we will follow up. Also, we ask that you please encourage these individuals to make an appointment with CUSE National Fellowships. Some students are so modest about their accomplishments and capabilities that they will not put themselves forward for such awards without the strong encouragement of mentors whom they know and respect; perhaps you can tip the scales.

Get Involved with CUSE National Fellowships

If you are interested in furthering the mission of CUSE National Fellowships, there are two main ways for you to get involved. You can Serve on a Campus Selection Committee or Serve on Mock Interview Panels. Selection committees evaluate, endorse, or nominate Notre Dame applicants for particular fellowships. Mock interviews are particularly important because we attempt to simulate the length, tenor, and scope of fellowship finalist interviews based on the experiences of past interviewees and guidance from the fellowship agencies.  We hope to expose the applicant to as many potential questions as possible in an environment similar to what they will experience at the actual interview.

Both selection committees and interview panels are a great opportunity for you as well. This is a unique opportunity to work with colleagues with whom you may not regularly interact. Also, reading applications, interviewing potential nominees, and guiding multiple revisions allows you to get to know some exceptional studentstheir triumphs and struggles, their dreams and aspirationsand this has proven to be rewarding for all involved. If you are interested in serving on either a selection committee or interview panel, please contact us and let us know what particular fellowships interest you.

Request Class Presentations

Our staff members are always ready to make students aware of potential fellowship opportunities. If you would like to have a CUSE National Fellowships team member present to your class or student/alumni group, please contact us and let us know where your class or meeting is located, what times work best for you, and how long of a presentation you would like.

Resources for Writing Letters of Recommendation

If a student has asked you to write a letter of recommendation for a nationally competitive fellowship application, please consult the resources below. 

Louis Blair of the Truman Scholarship Foundation asked selection panel members to share their perspectives on letters of recommendation in her article, "Letters of Recommendation: What selection panel members like to see, and what leaves them cold." In the article she gives tips on what helps, what hurts, and general observations. Also, included at the end of the article, is specific advice from a selection committee member, Scott Henderson.

The University of Dayton put together a document that gives tips and recommendations for letter writing, as well as particular things to address for specific fellowships.

For shorter reads, George Washington University has put together a list of nine simple rules for letter writing and Drexel University gives some quick notes for writing effective letters.

Finally, if you need examples of effective letters of recommendation, Rutgers University provides two examples of letters of recommendation that give an idea of the format to use and the types of content to address.