Alumni Start Here

CUSE offers fellowship advising services to undergraduate alumni of the University of Notre Dame. Alumni are just as competitive for national fellowships as current undergraduates. Often the additional years of post-graduate experience that alumni bring to their applications make their applications more competitive than they would have been previously.

Fellowships can provide excellent study, research, and personal and professional development opportunities. Furthermore, the process of applying for a fellowship with the help of a CUSE advisor can help to improve writing and interviewing skills while also offering the chance to reflect and discern on your personal and professional trajectory. Applicants regularly report that they find the process beneficial, whether or not their applications are ultimately successful.

Undergraduate alumni are eligible to work with CUSE to apply for any of the following fellowships:

Please visit the links above for more information about the application processes, and do not hesitate to contact the national fellowships team at CUSE if you have any questions.