Boren Scholarship

Up to $20,000 in funding for students interested in studying abroad for a full academic year in a non-traditional location to learn a language crucial to national security interests. There is also a Boren Summer STEM Initiative through which students seeking a STEM degree can receive up to $8,000 for a summer study abroad to learn a language that is critical to national security. Awardees receive a priority hiring benefit for the U.S. government and are required to secure a position working for the government after graduation for at least one year.

If you are eligible and interested, please watch the video below and fill out the interest form.

Link to Official Website

Virtual Info Session:



Process Timeline:

Fall 2020 Schedule Meeting with Elise
December 30, 2018 First Draft Due Date on Sakai
January 14, 2019 Second Draft Due Date on Sakai
January 25, 2018 Campus Application Due Date
Week of January 28, 2019 Campus Committee Interviews
February 7, 2019 National Application Deadline
Late April 2019 All Applicants Notified of Status


Link to Interest Form

The interest form signals that you would like to apply. Elise uses the information to add you to Sakai and report if you win the award. The absolute last day to submit a Boren interest form this year is January 10th.