Lilly Graduate Fellows Program

"The Lilly Graduate Fellows Program supports, during the course of their graduate education, exceptionally well qualified young men and women who have bachelor degrees from LFP Network Schools [including the University of Notre Dame] and who are interested in becoming teacher-scholars at church-related colleges and universities in the United States....Over a three year period, these Fellows, along with two mentors who are senior scholars at a Network School, will communicate and collaborate with each other in areas of research, teaching, and professional development." Eligibility is limited to U.S. citizens.


Applicants must:

  • "Intend to enter a PhD, MFA, DMA, ThD, or equivalent program at the [North American] school of their choice in the fall following the application year that will lead to a teaching career in humanities or the arts within the academy."
  • "Want to engage modes of Christian practice and inquiry in the context of the academy and their academic disciplines and demonstrate an interest in teaching at a church-related school."
  • "Have earned or be in the process of earning a baccalaureate degree from a LFP network institution."
  • Be seniors graduating during the current academic year or have received a baccalaureate from a network institution after April of the year that is five years prior to the year the Program would begin. (I.e., those entering the Program in Fall 2016 would need to have received a bacclaurate after April 2011.)
  • Be U.S. Citizens.
  • "Be planning to study an eligible discipline: art; art history; creative writing; history; interdisciplinary studies; languages and literature; music; music history; philosophy; religion; rhetoric; theater history; theater arts, and theology. Those applicants pursuing an MFA in creative writing must indicate their intent to continue to a PhD program."

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