Yenching Academy

"The Yenching Academy introduces students to China’s rich history and culture, as well as its real-time development. As a prestigious college within Peking University, The Yenching Academy prepares a diverse group of international and Chinese students for tackling the most challenging issues facing the world." "Each class will consist of 120 to 150 outstanding young people from around the world, with approximately 80% from outside of China, and 20% from mainland China. Yenching Scholars will be a diverse group of talented young leaders who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, innovative thought, and a commitment to the betterment of society." The University of Notre Dame is a Partner University of the Yenching Academy, meaning that Notre Dame applicants must receive one of a limited number of nominations from the University in order to move forward in the process. Eligibility includes international students and U.S. citizens.


  1. A bachelor’s degree in any field.
  2. An outstanding academic record.
  3. Demonstrated leadership skills.
  4. Active in extracurricular activities.
  5. Active engagement with the community and has a strong sense of social responsibility.
  6. Strong moral character.
  7. Strong interest in interdisciplinary study of China.
  8. English proficiency

* The Yenching Academy does not have a strict age cut-off for applicants, but to date, no person over the age of 28 has been admitted to the program. The average age of students entering the program is 23.

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Applications are typically due during early December (for a program start date in the fall of the following year). There is an internal nomination process with an application deadline in mid-late October (the 2022 date is TBD). 

Next Steps 

If you are interested in applying to or learning more about the Yenching Academy, please fill out the interest form. Emily Hunt will be in touch.

Yenching Academy Declaration of Interest Form