Guidance for University-Related Undergraduate Travel in 2021

Following the University of Notre Dame's travel policy, requests for funding for travel from undergraduate students can only be considered after written approval has been obtained from a student's primary college dean, in the case of domestic travel, or Notre Dame International, in the case of international travel. Such approval will be granted sparingly, in the case of domestic travel, and only if the travel cannot take place in the future and is essential to a student's academic and intellectual progress, in the case of international travel.

Such approval will not be required, however, in the following circumstances: (1) Approval is not necessary if a student is applying solely for funding for an in-town commute or day-trip that does not require an overnight stay. (2) Approval is not necessary if a student is applying for funding to support a domestic internship, assistantship, or similar experience that will see the student traveling to one location for a period of time. Campus units can fund a round-trip between home or campus and a location where the internship or assistantship will take place; commuting within the location; and housing expenses at the location. (International students should take note of example #3 below, however.)

Examples of projects involving travel that campus units can support without approval from a dean or Notre Dame International include:

  1. A student is living in South Bend and conducting research on the Notre Dame campus over a break period. Units can support the cost of commuting between the student's South Bend residence and campus, the student's room and board, and incidental expenses.
  2. A student is living at home over a break period and would like to travel three hours to an archive within the same country to conduct research, returning home within the same day. Units can support the cost of round-trip travel between the student's home and the archive and incidental expenses accrued during the day.
  3. After the end of the semester, a student would like to travel home for two weeks, travel to another location in the same country for a six-week internship, and travel back home for one week, before returning to campus for the fall semester. (For international undergraduate students wishing to use University funds to travel to their home country to conduct research or participate in an internship within their home country, they will need to complete a summer travel registration. They should email to receive a special summer travel registration link to complete the process.) Units can support the cost of round-trip travel between the student's home and the location of the internship, the cost of commuting between the student's summer residence and the internship site, the student's room and board at the summer residence, and incidental expenses.

Students who wish to request approval for international travel should complete and submit this Word document.

As for domestic travel, to request approval:

This guidance will be updated with information from the College of Science when it becomes available.

Last updated August 4, 2021