Class of 2023


Angela Betz  is a Classics and Anthropology double major who intends to pursue a graduate degree in Classical Archeology. She has previously conducted research with Dr. Glowacki concerning ceramics from the American Southwest, and with the American Academy in Rome cataloging their Bronze Age and Classical ceramic collections. Currently, Angela is researching the city of Athens during the reign of Emperor Augustus in Rome and the impact that imperialism had on both cities. On campus, she is the Editor-in-Chief for the Dome Yearbook and plays the piccolo for the marching and varsity bands. She also loves to sing in her hall’s mass choir, or go on runs. In the summer of 2021, she completed a Greek intensive workshop with the University of California-Berkley, and she recently returned from both a semester abroad at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome and a summer excavation at Marzuolo Archeological Project, located in Tuscany, Italy. 


Fangrui Chen is double-majoring in Accountancy and Japanese. He is currently a research assistant for Professor Victoria Hui on historical analyses of war data sets and movements in ancient China. Outside class, he is a saxophone player for the marching band an oboe player for the symphonic band. He is also a Chinese Peer Tutor at the Center of Language and Culture and a volunteer for Money Think. He plans to research on international education in the near future.


Alexander Clinton is majoring in Computer Science with a supplemental major in Honors Mathematics. He is interested in exploring the theoretical side of computer science in the context of topics such as machine learning and hopes to gain a better understanding of how these topics can be translated into real world applications. On campus Alex is the sustainability commissioner for Sorin College, writes for the math newspaper, and is involved in dorm events such as cooking breakfast with the Catholic worker. In his free time Alex enjoys training jiu jitsu, running, and playing piano.


David Haungs  is a first-year Chemistry and Political Science major in the College of Science. He is interested in entering the legal field and working to develop the law in the intersection of the chemical sciences, intellectual property, and civil liberties. He is currently conducting inorganic chemistry research under Dr. Seth Brown to synthesize novel, theoretically significant transition metal complexes. In addition, he enjoys performing independent legal research, where he has primarily written on the topic of federal constitutional law. On campus, David contributes to the Notre Dame Student Union by serving as the Judicial Council Vice President of Elections and the chairman of the Election Committee. In this role, he coordinates the Student Body, Class Council, and Hall Government elections and ensures their compliance with the Student Union Constitution. After graduating from Notre Dame, David intends to go to law school to later combine his scientific interests with the legal profession. 

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Anisha Jaipuria has intentions to double-major in Business Analytics and Design. She plans to make use of graphics and visuals to communicate statistical information in ways that are conducive to our understanding. She was inspired by her experience in Rajasthan, India, where she came across language barriers that prevented an effective dissemination of information. On campus, she is actively involved with The Juggler, a magazine club, and has also undertaken SIBC consulting projects. This year she also serves as a Senator for Ryan Hall and wishes to keep her constituency members informed about Senatorial decisions. Anisha is also active member of the SASA and AAA cultural clubs. She is excited to serve as table leader for the AAA First-Year Retreat in the fall of 2020. Often, statistical data does not seep through the complex layers of the social fabric to reach all section of society and in the future, Anisha wants to combine her interests in design and data to creatively devise ways in which ideas can make their way through the social structure.


Alexis Kelly is an Art History and Psychology major in the College of Arts and Letters. Her research interests lie in using art as a means to communicate and connect with people, particularly those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In the past, she has also completed biomedical research on the treatment of rosacea and port wine birthmarks at the University of California, Irvine. On campus, Alexis is involved in the Snite Student Programming Committee and works as a tutor for the office of Academic Services for Student Athletes. She also has a passion for learning new languages and exploring other cultures through art and literature


Victoria Kuprewicz is a Neuroscience and Behavior major on the pre-med track in the College of Science. Her experiences working with children have shaped her interest in research involving the effects of language in comprehension in children with autism and how these studies can positively impact the learning environment for students with mental disorders. She is also interested in developmental psychology and how biological factors influence a child’s mental growth. At Notre Dame, she is currently involved in the word recognition study which is part of the Eberhard Lab. On campus, Victoria is also a mentor for College Mentors for Kids, a camp counselor for Camp Kesem, and is involved in Pasquerilla East Hall Council and Polish Club. After Notre Dame, she hopes to attend medical school to become a pediatrician specializing in neurology and help create more equal opportunities in the classroom for kids with learning disabilities.


Luke Marushack is a Computer Science major with a supplementary major in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS). He is currently a member of Dr. Jiang’s lab here at Notre Dame, where he researches artificial intelligence, specifically how to use natural language processing (NLP) for automated text generation. Currently, Luke is researching how to generate responses to people who indicate they want to commit suicide, and how to determine the content of news articles using only specific parts of the syntactic structures of their titles. On campus, Luke is also a member of Student International Business Council (SIBC), a team leader for the CS for Good club, where he helps teach computer science topics to elementary, middle, and high school students. Outside of academic activities, he sings in the Keough choir and plays for the Keough interhall soccer and basketball teams. After graduation, Luke plans to earn a doctorate degree in computer science and innovate in either industry or academia.

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Abby Meckstroth is an architecture major and hopes to to complete a concentration in furniture design. She is a research assistant in the Healthy Places ND research group under Dr. Kim Rollings, studying how the built environment affects physical and mental health, as well as health behaviors. On campus, she is also involved in the American Institute of Architecture Students, the Student Association for Women in Architecture, and is actively involved in her dorm community, Flaherty Hall, serving as the cross country team captain. She has also previously worked at the IDEA Center and interned at the Historic Preservation Commission of South Bend as an Architecture and Preservation Specialist Intern. While at Notre Dame, Abby hopes to research how architects can design buildings and space to have a positive effect on people in cognitive, emotional, and social terms.


Alexa Mogan is a first year Honors Mathematics and Psychology major, with minors in Computing and Digital Technologies and Gender Studies.  She is interested in researching the psychology of mathematics, such as the role of memory in computational ability, the acquisition of math skills,  and what makes someone a “math person.”  Alexa loves teaching, which she does through volunteering with math circles for elementary and high school students.  She also hopes to become a campus math tutor.  Outside of the classroom, Alexa writes for the “Less than Epsilon” math newspaper and is a junior editor for Scientia.  In her free time, she hula hoops and participates in club badminton.  After she graduates, Alexa hopes to pursue graduate education in cognitive science and hopefully combine her passion for research and education to become a professor.


Gabriela Queiroz Miranda is a Mechanical Engineering major who is considering a minor in Sustainability. She is passionate about marine biology and the environment and hopes to combine these interests with engineering to find novel solutions, such as a semi-autonomous trash cleanup system for the ocean. Her previous research focused on the development of a device to counter the buoyancy effects of boat trauma on Sea Turtles. Outside of the classroom, Gabi is involved in the IDEA Center, Engineers without Borders, and the Themed Entertainment Association. After Notre Dame, she hopes to work with nonprofits to provide sustainable, affordable solutions for global issues.

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Anupriya Seksaria is double majoring in Psychology and Economics. On campus, Anupriya is working at the Learning Analytics Measurement in Behavioral Sciences (LAMBS) Lab researching response biases like acquiescence. Independently, she is working on examining the extent to which the culture of materialism influences compulsive buying in young adults, amalgamating her psychological and economic interests. Outside of research, Anupriya dedicates herself towards the Model UN club and will be serving as the Under Secretary General for General Assemblies in our very own NDMUN this year. She is currently a part of the Freshman Class Council, representing the wildcats of Ryan Hall. She is also actively involved in the Asian American Association(AAA) and will be serving as a Table Leader for the AAA Retreat this fall. In the future, she hopes to become a consumer psychologist consulting firms on what to produce based on consumer behavior and expectations. 


Lyla Senn is a Chemical Engineering major and intends to earn a minor in International Development Studies. Lyla is passionate about mitigating climate change, providing access to resources such as freshwater, and experiencing other cultures. She conducted research in Malta where she learned about recycled water irrigation. During her four years at Notre Dame, Lyla plans to get involved in water conservation and purification research, especially to implement in developing countries. She is currently working on a project to build bio-sand filters in Léogâne, Haiti, and is working on a noninvasive cancer imaging device called NearWave. After graduation, Lyla hopes to pursue a career in engineering that reinvents currently harmful processes for a more sustainable future.

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Eliza Smith  is majoring in Psychology and Global Affairs: Peace Studies with minors in CDT: Cyber Safety/Security and Italian. She serves on three Executive Student Government Departments, leads her dorm community as the Senior Fellow, participates in interdisciplinary research, is one of the directors of LGBTQ+ Domers, and has studied abroad in Italy and South Africa. She volunteers and interns with food banks, refugee centers, anti-human trafficking organizations, and at-risk youth centers. After Notre Dame, Eliza plans to attend graduate school abroad for International Relations and Human Rights Law. She hopes to eventually work for the United Nations Office for Human Rights.


Diana Spulber is a Physics major with a supplementary major in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics. She is currently working on research in the physics department with Dr. Eskildsen, where she explores lattice structures, made of vortices that are induced by applied magnetic fields, in type-II superconductors. She expresses her passion for physics outside of the classroom by acting as the secretary of the Society of Physics Students. Diana is also conscious of the lack of gender diversity in the field of physics and is working on a project to support her fellow women in physics by creating a supportive community. Besides this, she serves as part of the International Peer Mentoring program and is a member of the Model United Nations team. After graduation, Diana plans to go to graduate school in medical physics and apply her physics background to provide the best diagnostic and treatment methods for patients.

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Teague Urban is a Finance major and Chinese minor in the Mendoza College of Business. Believing that companies not only have a responsibility to their shareholders, but also to their stakeholders, he plans to explore the connection between corporate social responsibility and financial performance. Teague hopes to develop a quantitative measurement that links value created by CSR investment and bottom-line profits. On campus, Teague is an active member of the Student International Business Council, the Investment Club, and the Wall Street Club. He explores his interest in music as a member of the Notre Dame Glee Club, and by singing or playing cello at Dunne Hall’s weekly mass. He also serves as a hall events/activities commissioner. Teague eventually hopes to study abroad in China and learn more about the country’s business culture and practices.