Fall 2020 CUSE Grant Funding Policies


Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the university travel policy for Fall 2020, CUSE will not be funding any student projects that take students away from campus between August 10 and November 24, 2020. We will also not be funding projects that require travel over the extended winter break. All regular CUSE funding policies, while still available to review on our website, are therefore on hold until further notice. 

In an effort to continue to encourage scholarly engagement during these unprecedented times, however, CUSE is willing to discuss the funding of unconventional opportunities with students on a one-on-one basis. If you have an idea for a project that can be completed from your space on Notre Dame’s campus, we encourage you to speak with a CUSE research advisor about its eligibility for CUSE funding.

Once you have a project plan, it must be approved by the Assistant Director for Student Engagement at CUSE. You will work with her to prepare a proposal for funding, and to complete any necessary post-funding steps required for your project. 

Projects must add to your scholarly trajectory and help you work toward a goal of some kind. CUSE is willing to discuss all types of projects, including those that would not typically be covered by our funding. Possibilities include:

  • Fellowships that provide funding to support unpaid research projects or remote internships
  • Seed money to support student-organized events, advocacy, or activism
  • Online conference, workshop, or seminar registration fees
  • Virtual language instruction fees
  • Costs associated with online or on-campus skill acquisition
  • Projects that can be done in person on-campus following all health and safety guidelines
  • Other appropriate projects as discussed with a CUSE research advisor

Students from all colleges, at all levels, are welcome to speak with a CUSE advisor about the possibility of funding their projects. Please click here to start that process as soon as possible or to reach out with any questions.