Unpaid Internship

Unpaid internship grants help students participate in a guided internship or practicum experience for the purpose of career or academic advancement. Internships must be clearly in line with the students’ future goals and grounded in the scholarship surrounding the chosen field. Browse the list below to discover the centers and institutes that fund unpaid internships. 

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The Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement (CUSE)
The Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement promotes the intellectual development of Notre Dame undergraduates through scholarly engagement. As part of this mission, we fund students from all year levels and colleges during both the academic year and summer for research and creative endeavors, internships, research apprenticeships, service learning, conference attendance and presentation, and scholarly immersion/discernment.

The Career Center
The Career Center provides undergraduate students with multiple resources to assist them in determing their career direction. As part of their mission, they provide summer funding to alleviate living costs for both paid and unpaid internships and research apprenticeships (if a student intends to pursue a career in academia).

The Kellogg Institute for International Studies
The Kellogg Institute is an interdisciplinary center that supports research on democracy and human development, as well as other research themes important around the globe. As part of their Experiencing the World (ETW) fellowship program, first-years and sophomores can receive funding for summer research, research assistantships, internships, service learning, and language study. The program is intended to give first-years and sophomores the chance to engage in exploratory projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The First Year of Studies (FYS)
As part of NDignite, The First Year of Studies funds both academic year and summer research and creative endeavors, internships, research apprenticeships, service learning, conference attendance and presentation, language study, and scholarly immersion/discernment to introduce first-year students to undergraduate research at Notre Dame.

The Center for Social Concerns (CSC)
The Center for Social Concerns challenges students and faculty to take responsibility for the social issues of our national and global societies. They seek to bridge the gap between academic learning, service, and social action by providing undergraduates summer internship and service learning opportunities. Through a partnership with the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship and the Mendoza College of Business, the CSC provides funding for sophomore and junior business students to participate in 8-10 week long summer internships with companies dedicated to making a social impact.

Notre Dame International (NDI)
Notre Dame International is a center on campus that seeks to promote international study, exchange, and scholarship on campus. Their Rome International Scholars program gives students the opportunity to study in Rome, Italy during the spring semester of their junior year and then complete a research project, internship, or service learning during the following summer. ND International provides housing and meal allowance for the spring semester as well as a scholarship for the summer project.

The Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies
The Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies is committed to the study and understanding of Irish culture. To further that goal, they fund undergraduates for summer research, internships, conference presentation and attendance, and language study in Ireland. Students do not have to be Irish Studies minors or in Irish language or literature classes.

The Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies
The Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies promotes Asian Studies and connections with Asia amongst students and faculty. As part of this effort, they provide winter break and summer funding for undergraduates to conduct research, internships, conference presentations, and language study in Asia or on Asian Studies. Preference for funding is given to students working toward an Asian Studies major or minor.

The Nanovic Institute for European Studies
The Nanovic Institute is an interdisciplinary center that supports academic year and summer research, internships, research apprenticeships, service learning, conference attendance, and language study in Europe or about European Studies. Their European Internship & Service grants fund summer internship or volunteer opportunities in Europe that simultaneously allow students gain professional experience and immerse themselves in European languages and cultures.

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Honors Programs

The Glynn Family Honors Program
The Glynn Family Honors Program provides talented undergraduates special classes and mentorship from distinguished faculty. They also provide their students with both academic year and summer funding for research, internships, research assistantships, service learning, conference presentations, and language study.

The Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program
The Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program is a merit-based and leadership development program that brings together outstanding undergraduates who will change Notre Dame and the world. As part of the Summer Enrichment Experiences, junior year Hesburgh-Yusko scholars are provided funding to undertake summer internships that prepare them for their future careers.

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