UR Resources

Need help moving from personal passions and interests to research topics? Need help refining your research topic into specific research questions? Need help finding a faculty mentor? Attend Workshop A on Getting Started in Undergraduate Research to discover how to go about getting started with research at Notre Dame. Also, consider utilizing the following Notre Dame resources.

If you are unable to attend a CUSE workshop, below you will find the handouts and resources provided at each in-person session. 

University Resources

Notre Dame's many centers and institutes often have resources such as lectures, conferences, and more; have funding for undergraduate research; and list associated faculty members. Visit centers and institutes with similar interests as you to discover how they can help shape your research ideas and facilitate faculty mentor relationships.

Likewise, Notre Dame provides many opportunities for you to refine your research interests through lectures and conferences. Lectures and conferences update you on the newest research within the academy and professional sphere. Lectures and conferences are also great events to network with other undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty who share your interests and passions.

Visit your department's website and find out who your Director of Undergraduate Studies is. Directors of Undergraduate Studies are great resources when determining what professors would be a great fit as your faculty mentor. Also, look at the faculty listing to find professors with similar interests as you. Contact faculty by e-mail to see if they would be willing to meet in person to discuss your research.

Hesburgh Library has subject librarians dedicated to most disciplines and many interdisciplinary topics. Subject librarians are often equally trained as faculty members, but are solely dedicated to helping students with their research. In fact, subject librarians put together research guides that are helpful resources when doing research in a particular discipline or on a specific topic.

Your peers can also be a great resource. Undergraduates at Notre Dame have already gathered together in clubs and organizations that address specific passions and interests. Join clubs or organizations that share your passions not only to challenge you to think in new directions, but also to network with like-minded individuals.

Make sure to check out the many undergraduate research and leadership opportunities at ND as well!