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Alex Coccia, Class of 2014, Africana Studies & Peace Studies, Student Body President 2013-2014

Alex is a finalist for the 2015 Rhodes Scholarship. Since graduation, he’s been working at the Department of Health and Human Services in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), in Washington, D.C.  ASPE advises the Secretary of HHS on policy development by the Department and Congress, leads special initiatives for the Secretary, and coordinates research and evaluation of Department programs.  As a Truman-Albright Fellow, he has supported the facilitation of the FY2016 Budget proposal review cycle for the Secretary’s budget; conducted grant reviews for mentorship programs; and conducted research on topics ranging from healthcare marketplace enrollment to climate change and its impact on human services delivery to social exclusion and conceptions of wellbeing to evaluation methods for domestic violence prevention and intervention programs and services.  ASPE has given him a broad exposure to policy and important background for a potential degree in Comparative Social Policy at Oxford, where he would hope to gain a more robust and nuanced understanding of social inclusion policy, and to see the similarities that exist among social inclusion policies across spaces and the unique approaches that might be necessary in an American context.



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