Make an Appointment

Please note that all appointments will be conducted via Zoom or phone for the foreseeable future. Be sure to include your phone number when scheduling a meeting; the advisor will be in touch with information about Zoom if necessary, if this information is not included in the appointment system. Thank you for your understanding.

Read first before making an appointment: 

Scholarly Discernment Meeting (30 minutes)

First Year Students: If you have questions about your overall academic interests and long term trajectory but are not ready to begin research and fellowships, please schedule a Scholarly Discernment Meeting. We will discuss your values, commitments, and your scholarly trajectory. A CUSE advisor can help you think about what you're interested in and how you would like to make the most of your time at Notre Dame. We can also follow up on a previous discernment meeting. To schedule a 60-minute meeting, make two 30-minute meetings back-to-back. This resource is especially for first-year students but can be utilized by students of any year. 

Grant Proposal Feedback (30 minutes)

This category of meetings is for:  

1) Answering questions about your eligibility to apply to various funding units on campus (ie Nanovic, ISLA, CUSE etc) and other logistical questions about the application process. 

2) Obtaining feedback on a draft of a grant proposal when you are applying to one of these funding units. If you are seeking feedback on a draft, please email a Word doc copy of your proposal to the relevant CUSE advisor at least 24 hours before your scheduled meeting. 

Have questions about designing a research project? Those are questions for a professor in your major or field. For more information, please see the Starting Your Research and How Do I Begin Research in My Department? pages of our website. 

Sorin Scholars Advising (30 or 60 minutes)

Schedule an appointment below with the Sorin Scholars program manager. (For current or prospective Sorin Scholars only.) To schedule a 60-minute meeting, you might need to make two 30-minute meetings back-to-back.