Student Spotlights

CUSE works with outstanding students of all years, colleges, majors, and disciplines.

Below are recent examples of students who have participated in Conference Presentation, Research, Internship, and Immersion opportunities funded by CUSE!


The Honorable Member Leading The Fight Agianst Aids

A Safe Space

Adam Moeller, Class of 2018, History & Economics

Research: Gender, Sexuality, and Morality in Uganda

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Paul Ocobock

Adam Moeller Research


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Aly Sonnen, Class of 2018, Neuroscience & Behavior

Research: Summer Research Assistantship at Seattle Children’s Research Institutes’ Center for Child Health, Behavior, and Development

Location: Seattle, Washington

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Jessica Payne

Aly Sonnen Research



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Alyssa Cook, Class of 2019, Finance

Conference Attendance: SEO New York Conference

Location: New York City, New York

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Waddell

Alyssa Cook Conference Attendance


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Braeden Benedict

Internship: Research Internship at Blue Brain ProjectBraeden Benedict, Class of 2019, Electrical Engineering

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Gregory Timp

Braeden Benedict Internship



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Daniela Lugo, Class of 2018, Civil Engineering

Internship: Internship at STV Inc.

Location: New York, New York

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yvonne Mikuljan

Daniela Lugo Internship


Reeve 2

Emily Reeve S Photos

Reeve 3

Emily Reeve, Class of 2018, Civil Engineering

Project: NDSEED 2017 Pedestrian Footbridge Construction

Location: Las Pencas, Nicaragua

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kijewski-Correa

Emily Reeve Project


Cuse Photo 1

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Emily Rourke Photo

Emily Rourke, Class of 2018, Economics

Research: Female Entrepreneurship, Indonesia

Location: Indonesia

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Melissa Paulsen

Emily Rourke Research

Spahic Harisa Eagan 2017 2 Resize

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Spahic Harisa Eagan 2017 1 Resize

Harisa Spahic, Class of 2018, Biochemistry

Research: Characterizing Supercharged YKB

Location: Notre Dame, Indiana

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Dr. Patricia Clark

Harisa Spahic Research

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Img 8932

Gregory Serapio Garcia Photo

Gregory Serapio-Garcia, Class of 2019, Psychology

Research: Big Data & the Big Five: Computationally Predicting Personality and
Psychopathology from Social Media

Location: Notre Dame, Indiana

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: David Watson

Gregory Serapio-Garcia Research

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Heather DiLallo, Class of 2020, Chemical Engineering

Research: Utilizing Science to Promote Human Development

Location: China

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Dr. Toni Barstis

Heather DiLallo Research

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John Raque, Class of 2019, Finance & Chinese

Internship: JFP Holdings Summer Internship

Location: Beijing, China

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Carl Ackermann

John Raque Internship

Accelerating Science Photo 1

Equations Photo

Cms Photo

Kaitlin Salyer, Class of 2018, Physics & French

Research: Study of ttH Events at CERN

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Kevin Lannon

Kaitlin Salyer Research


P1030911 2


Lily Falzon, Class of 2018, Sociology

Research: Conflicting Methodologies and Cross-Cultural Validation: Investigating the Current
State of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Location: China (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong)

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ayesha Ahmad

Lily Falzon Research

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Maria Sasso, Class of 2018, Neuroscience and Behavior

Conference: Assoication for Psychological Science 29th Annual Convention: Poster

Location: Boston, MA

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Gerald Haeffel

Maria Sasso Conference

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Maura Vrabel, Class of 2018, Chemical Engineering

Research: Detailed Characterization of the Nucleotide Binding Site

Location: Notre Dame, IN

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Basar Bilgicer

Maura Vrabel Research

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Nicholas Seifert, Class of 2020, Biology & Music

Research: Research Assistantship, Feder Lab

Location: Notre Dame, IN

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jefferey Feder

Nicholas Seifert Research




Paul O'Toole, Class of 2018, Chemical Engineering

Research: MAPPER

Location: Notre Dame, IN

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeremiah Zartman

Paul Otoole Research



Cuse1 2

Pete Freeman, Class of 2018, Sociology & Gender Studies, International Peace Studies Supplement

Immersion Opportunity: Young Achievers Caucus: Evaluating Teen Pregnancy Prevention Efforts

Location: Elmina, Ghana

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Richard Williams

Pete Freeman Immersion Opportunity

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Morocco 1 Resize

Roge Karma, Class of 2018, Political Science

Internship: Internship at U.S. Embassy Rabat

Location: Rabat, Morocco

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Steve Reifenberg

Roge Karma Internship

Cuse Grant Photo2

Cuse Grant Photo1

Cuse Grant Photo3

Sae Rome Choi, Class of 2019, Chemical Engineering

Research: Interaction between Adipocytes and Cancer Cells

Location: Notre Dame, IN

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Pinar Zorlutuna

Sae Rome Choi Research

20170522 130824

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20170523 111014

Takunda Ushe, Class of 2020, Business (undeclared) & Political Science

Research: Demystifying Mining in Africa

Location: Oxford University

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Paul Ocobock

Takunda Ushe Research

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Taylor Driscoll, Class of 2018, Architecture

Research: Architectural Preservation In Asia

Location: China (Macau, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nanjing, Pingyao, and Beijing)

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Selena Anders


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Thuy-An Phan, Class of 2019, Biology & Economics

Research: Role of Tachykinin on Aedes aegypti Feeding Behavior

Location: Notre Dame, IN

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Mary Ann McDowell

Thuy-An Phan Research

Trent Mckinnon3 1

Trent Mckinnon2

Trent Mckinnon Bear Baby 1 Resize

Trent McKinnon, Class of 2018, Accounting & ACMS

Research: The Value Line Enigma

Location: South Bend, IN

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Michael Hemler

Trent McKinnon Research

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Screen Shot 2017 07 31 At 12

Screen Shot 2017 07 31 At 12

Victoria Erdel, Class of 2019, Sociology

Internship: Starfish Project

Location: Asia

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: John Duffy

Victoria Erdel Internship