Megan McGarel, Class of 2016, Biological Sciences

Conference Presentation: American Association for Cancer Research

Location: New Orleans, LA

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Laurie Littlepage

Megan McGarel Research  (PDF)




Jenny Ng, Class of 2017, Political Science

Research: Changing Dynamics: China-Latin American Relations

Location: Beijing, China

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Victoria Hui

Jenny Ng Research (PDF)




Sophia Chau, Class of 2017, Environmental Science

Conference Presentation:Images of War: Urbanization of lakeshores: are we decreasing the supply of food to top predators in inland fisheries?

Location: Miami University, Ohio

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Dominic Chaloner

Sophia Chau Conference Presentation (PDF)




Grace Maginn, Class of 2016, History

Conference Presentation:Images of War: Spanish Postcards in La Campaña del Rif

Location: San Diego, CA

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Karen Graubart

Grace Maginn Conference Presentation(PDF)




Alicia Czarnecki, Class of 2017, Environmental Engineering

Conference Attendance: Society of Women Engineers

Location: Washington, D.C. 

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Castle

Alicia Czarnecki Conference Attendance (PDF)




McKenzie Hightower, Class of 2016, English and Film, Television, & Theater

Conference Attendance: Association of Writers and Writing Programs

Location: Los Angeles, California

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Valerie Sayers

McKenzie Hightower Conference Attendance (PDF)





David Weber, Class of 2016, Biological Sciences

Research: Ecological Effects of Non-native Pacific Salmon and Brown Trout on Native Brook Trout in Great Lakes Tributaries

Location: Notre Dame, IN

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Dominic Chaloner

David Weber Research (PDF)




Paulina Eberts, Class of 2017, Chemical Engineering

Service-Learning: Detection of Substandard Pharmaceuticals in Kenya via High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Location: Eldoret, Kenya

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Marya Liberman

Paulina Eberts Service-Learning (PDF)




Philip Allen, Class of 2016, Biology & Classics

Conference Presentation: StARD9 is a Novel Kinesin Required for Motility and Tubulation of Late Endosomes/Lysosomes Containing NPC1

Location: San Diego, CA

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Kevin Vaughn 

Philip Allen Conference Presentation (PDF)





Timothy Machasio, Class of 2018, Economics & ACMS

Research: The Maramoja Effect: Understanding the Evolution of, Concentration of and Impediments to Mobile Technology Entrepreneurship in Kenya and Tanzania 

Location: Kenya and Tanzania

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Catherine Bolton

Timothy Machasio Research (PDF)




Lucy Jones, Class of 2018, Spanish

Research: Telenovelas and Their Influence on Love and Relationships in Northern Spain

Location: Oviedo, Spain

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Jessica Collett

Lucy Jones Research (PDF)




Angela Patel, Class of 2018, Neuroscience & Behavior

Immersion:Global Health Immersion in Ethiopia

Location: Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Cecilia Lucero

Angela Patel Immersion (PDF)




James English, Class of 2018, Sociology & Political Science

Research: Catholic Identity and Divorce Rate in Spain

Location: Oviedo, Spain

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Mary Ellen Konieczny

James English Research (PDF)




Carolyn Ahlers, Class of 2017, Science PreProfessional

Conference Presentation: Activation of Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) in Epithelial Morphogenesis

Location: San Diego, CA

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Jeni Prosperi

Carolyn Ahlers Conference Presentation (PDF)




Christy Lucas, Class of 2016, Science PreProfessional & Psychology

Research: Role of Rab8A and Med16 in Chemotherapy Response

Location: Notre Dame, IN

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Amy Stark

Christy Lucas Research (PDF)

Antonia Schreier1

Antonia Schreier3

Antonia Schreier2

Antonia Schreier, Class of 2016, Art History & Finance

Research: Modern Patronage - Honors Art History Senior Thesis

Location: Houston, Texas

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Nicole Woods

Antonia Schreier Research (PDF)

Chufang Xing Ballet3

Chufang Xing Ballet1

Chufang Xing Ballet2

Chufang Xing, Class of 2016, Architecture

Research: Architectural Counter-Proposal to the San Francisco Ballet

Location: San Francisco, CA

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Douglas Duany

Chufang Xing Research (PDF)

Jennie Kim Finland1

Jennie Kim Finland3

Jennie Kim Finland2

Jennie Kim, Class of 2017, Economics & Political Science

Research: How does citizenship allow for universal preschool in Helsinki, Finland

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Stuart Greene

Jennie Kim Research (PDF)

Annie Kuster Spain3

Annie Kuster Spain1

Annie Kuster Spain2

Annie Kuster, Class of 2016, Anthropology & International Economics

Research: Spanish Youth Perception of the Andalusian Economic Crisis

Location: Compultense University in Madrid (Madrid, Spain) and University of Seville (Seville, Spain)

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Gabriel Torres

Annie Kuster Research (PDF)

Michael Langer

Michael Langer 3

Michael Langer 2

Michael Langer,  Class of 2016, Architecture

Research: The Built Environment, Context, and Community

Location: San Antonio, TX

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Kimberly Rollings

Michael Langer Research (PDF)

Andrea Oviedo

Bridges to Prosperity

Stephen Seward

NDSEED Bridges to Prosperity Conference

Location: Estes Park, CO

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Tracy Kijewski-Correa

Student Presenters

Olivia August, Class of 2017, Environmental Engineering
Max Ducey, Class of 2016, Civil Engineering
Andrew Glover, Class of 2016, Civil Engineering
Sam Smith, Class of 2016, Civil Engineering

In the Field

Conference Presentation

In the Field 2

Student Attendees

Maria Ines Araguren, Class of 2018, Computer Science
Rachel Bohac, Class of 2016, Civil Engineering
Christianos Burlotos, Class of 2018, Civil Engineering
Daniela Luego Romero, Class of 2018, Civil Engineering
Andrea Ovideo Buitrago, Class of 2018, Mechanical Engineering
Emily Reeve, Class of 2018, Civil Engineering
Stephen Seward, Class of 2018, Aerospace Engineering
Savannah Washlesky, Class of 2017, Civil Engineering



Margaret, Grace, & Jennifer

Grace Hills

Margaret & Grace

Margaret Crawford, Class of 2018, Mechanical Engineering &

Grace Hills, Class of 2018, Psychology

Research: Study of Psychological and Mechanical Impact of Sensor Technology 

Location: Dublin Ireland

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Jay BrockmanAnré Venter





Nikhil Garg, Class of 2017, Finance and ACMS

Research: A Delicate Balancing Act: What the Economic Implications of the Upcoming General Elections Mean for the Spanish and European Identity Crisis

Location: Madrid, Spain 

Nikhil Garg Research (PDF)


Mikyaila Jaramillo

Mikyaila Jaramillo

Mikyaila Jaramillo, Class of 2017, Chemical Engineering

Research: Metastasis on a Chip

Location: Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine 

Mikyaila Jaramillo Research (PDF)

Pete Freeman

Pete Freeman

Pete Freeman

Pete Freeman, Class of 2018, Economics & Gender Studies

Eagan Fellowship Internship: Global Mamas//The Effects of Fair Trade Training on Female Ghanaians' Commitment to Economic Independence

Location: Elmina, Ghana

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Mary Kearney

Pete Freeman Internship (PDF)

Check out Pete's research vlogs from Ghana!

Jewel Malonza

Jewel Malonza

Jewel Malonza

Jewel Malonza, Class of 2018, Biology

Research: Correlation of X-ray Maximum Body Width Measurements and  QMR Fat Mass Measurements

Location: University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame,Leevy Lab

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Matthew Leevy

Jewel Malonza Research (PDF)

Jonathan Vandenburgh

Jonathan Vandenburgh

Jonathan Vandenburgh

Jonathan Vandenburgh, Class of 2016, Mathematics

Conference Attendance: Young Topologists' Meeting

Location: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Mark Behrens

Jonathan Vandenburgh Conference Attendance (PDF)

Maria Mendoza1

Maria Mendoza2

Maria Mendoza3

Maria Corina Mendoza, Class of 2017, Political Science

Internship: Group50

Location: Washington, D.C.

Maria Mendoza Internship (PDF)

Ray'Von Jones

Ray'Von Jones

Ray'Von Jones

Ray'Von Jones, Class of 2016, Sociology & Spanish

Conference Presentation: Unpacking Privilege: Biographical Mapping as a Window into Understanding Social Justice Orientations and Pathways in Young Adults

Location: The International Youth Studies Conference in Maynooth, Ireland 

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Maria McKenna

Ray'Von Jones Conference Presentation (PDF)

Dominic Acri

Dominic Acri

Dominic Acri

Dominic Acri, Class of 2018, Neuroscience and Behavior

Research: Diel Flight Activity of Wild Caught Anopheles Farauti s.s. and Anopheles hinesorum malaria mosquitoes from northern Queensland, Australia

Location: University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Giles Duffield

Dominic Acri Research Assistantship (PDF)

Alison O'Connor

Alison O'Connor

Alison O'Connor

Alison O'Connor, Class of 2016, Electrical Engineering

Service Learning: World Teach

Location: Namibia, Africa

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Melissa Marley-Bonnichson

Alison O'Connor Service Learning (PDF)

Angela Adduci

Angela Adduci

Angela Adduci

Angela Adduci, Class of 2016, Political Science and Peace Studies

Research/Internship: Orphan Demographics & Disabled Children: Inclusiveness in International Law

Location: Disability Rights International, Washington, D.C.

Angela Adduci Research (PDF)

Bradley Bowles

Bradley Bowles

Bradley Bowles

Bradley Bowles, Class of 2017, Biological Sciences

Research Assistantship: Cardiofibroblast Growth within Methacrylated Gelma Substrates

Location: Zorlutuna Lab, Notre Dame

Faculty Mentor: Pinar Zorlutuna

Bradley Bowles Research Assistantship (PDF)

Tianyi Tan

Tianyi Tan

Tianyi Tan

Tianyi Tan, Class of 2018, History

Research: Latest Chinese Judicial Reform (2014): Construction of the Legal Professional Community

Location: Shanghai, China

Faculty Mentor: Peter Moody

Tianyi Tan Research (PDF)


Michael Foley

Michael Foley

Michael Foley

Michael Foley, Class of 2018, Physics & Honors Math

Research Assistantship: iLocater Software Development

Location: University of Notre Dame, Crepp Laboratory

Faculty Mentor: Justin Crepp

Michael Foley Research Assistantship (PDF)

Shaley Albaugh

Shaley Albaugh

Shaley Albaugh

Shaley Albaugh, Class of 2017, Neuroscience & Behavior

Gerspach Fellowship: Research in Palliative Care

Location: Hillebrand Center for Compassionate Care in Medicine, University of Notre Dame

Faculty Mentor: Dominic Vachon

Shaley Albaugh Research Assistantship (PDF)

Harisa Spahic

Harisa Spahic

Harisa Spahic

Harisa Spahic, Class of 2018, Biochemistry

Eagan Fellowship: Pilot investigation of the relationship between neurocognitive functioning, inflammatory biomarkers, and BRCA1/2 in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and endocrine therapy.

Location: Cancer Neurocognitive Translational Research Lab (CNTRL), Notre Dame

Faculty Mentor: Pascal Jean-Pierre

Harisa Spahic Research Assistantship (PDF)

Justin Skycak   Justin Skycak   Justin Skycak

Justin Skycak, Class of 2018, Mathmatics

Research Assistantship: Computational Neuroscience at LANL

Location: New Mexico Consortium in Los Alamos, NM

Faculty Mentor: Dervis Can Vural


Rebecca Blais

Rebecca Blais

Rebecca Blais

Rebecca Blais, Class of 2018, Political Science

Research: Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka

Location: Sri Lanka

Faculty Mentor: Anre Venter

Rebecca Blais Research (PDF)

Matthew McGoldrick

Matthew McGoldrick

 Matthew McGoldrick

Matthew McGoldrick, Class of 2018, Biological Sciences & English

Research: 3D Printing Model Brain Tumors

Location: Lab of Dr. W.M. Leevy, University of Notre Dame

Faculty Mentor: Dr. W. Matthew Leevy

Matthew McGoldrick Research (PDF)




McKenzie Hightower, Class of 2016, English/Creative Writing

Creative Endeavor: Collaborative Learning at Martha's Vineyard

Location: Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Faculty Mentor: Johannes Goransson 

McKenzie Hightower Creative Endeavor (PDF)