William Hallas

William Hallas

William Hallas

William Hallas, Class of 2015, Biochemistry

Presentation Topic: EGFR regulates the expression and activity of ARID3B through phosphoinositide 3-kinase

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Faculty Mentor: Karen Cowden Dahl

William Hallas Conference Presentation (PDF)

Sawyer Williams 2

Sawyer Williams Research 3

Sawyer Williams Research

Sawyer Williams, Class of 2018, Political Science & Environmental Science

Research Topic: Genomic Expression and Its Impacts on Chemotherapy

Location: Notre Dame, Indiana

Faculty Mentor: Amy Stark

Sawyer Williams Research

Luke Hamel 3

Luke Hamel 1

Luke Hamel

Luke Hamel, Class of 2017, Environmental Sciences & Psychology

Research: Benthic Marine Organism Project

Location: Smithsonian Marine Research Station, Fort Pierce, Florida

Luke Hamel Research (PDF)

Kaleigh McLaughlin 2

Kaleigh McLaughlin 3

Kaleigh McLaughlin 1

Kaleigh McLaughlin, Class of 2015, Civil Engineering

Conference Presentation: Mitigation Strategies for Strong Currents in Harbors presentation at The National Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Conference

Location: Boston, MA

Faculty Mentor: Alexandros Taflanidis

Kaleigh McLaughlin Conference Presentation (PDF)

Matt Hayes 1

Matt Hayes 3

Matt Hayes 2

Matt Hayes, Class of 2018, Architecture

Internship: Hands-On Learning with Hope for Architecture

Location: Eufaula, Oklahoma

Faculty Mentor: Selena Anders

Matthew Hayes Internship (PDF)


Daniel Kerekes 1

Daniel Kerekes 2

Daniel Kerekes 3

Daniel Kerekes, Class of 2015, Chemical Engineering

Conference: Society of Surgical Oncology Annual Cancer Symposium Presentation

Location: Houston, Texas

Faculty Mentor: Joseph Buttigieg

Daniel Kerekes Report (PDF)

Parker Hansen 3

Parker Hansen 2

Parker Hansen

Parker Hansen, Class of 2018, Architecture

Conference: International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism World Congress

Location: London, England

Faculty Mentor: Samantha Salden

Parker Hansen Report (PDF)

Tegan Chesney 3

Tegan Chesney 2

Tegan Chesney

Tegan Chesney, Class of 2017, Psychology & ACMS, CUSE Sorin Scholar

Conference: Wheatley International Affairs Conference

Location: Provo, Utah

Faculty Mentor: James Brockmole

Tegan Chesney Report (PDF)

Pete Freeman 3

Pete Freeman 2

Pete Freeman

Pete Freeman, Class of 2018, Economics, Gender Studies, and Peace Studies

Research Topic: Gender Barriers Facing Female Entrepreneurs in Switzerland, Winter Break 2015

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Faculty Mentor: Professor Mary Kearney

Pete Freeman Report (PDF)

Check out Pete's video blog chronicling his research in Switzerland: here!

Jenny Ng

Jenny Ng 2

Jenny Ng 1

Jenny Ng, Class of 2017, Political Science

Research Topic: Influence of Tourism on Gender Roles, Winter Break 2015

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Faculty Mentor: Professor Thea Riofrancos

Jenny Ng Report (PDF)