Class of 2024


Joy Agwu is currently majoring in both English and Philosophy in the class of 2024. She has many interests, but she is particularly passionate about writing, positive psychology, and social advocacy. One of her previous research projects explored the social and biological definitions of happiness; another project delved into the effects of parental incarceration on the child’s social development and likelihood of being incarcerated in adulthood. During her time at Notre Dame, Joy would love to work on a project that utilizes creative writing and visual art to spread cultural awareness and promote supportive action. On-campus, Joy is involved with the Creative Writing Club (Mustard) and the Improv Club (Humor Artists). Following her time at Notre Dame, she wants to spend a year traveling through Europe, Africa, and Asia to volunteer and explore an array of cultures. Afterwards, she plans on enrolling in law school and becoming an attorney in Washington D.C. 

Evan Bursch Square1

Evan Bursch is a Physics and Philosophy major with concentrations in Advanced Physics and the Philosophy of Science and Mathematics.  He does research with Professor Kevin Lannon on deep learning neural network particle physics and he also works with Professor Yuhsin Tsai in theoretical particle physics.  At Notre Dame he plays trumpet in the Marching and Jazz Bands, he is a Knights of Columbus officer, he is a Tocqueville Fellow with the Tocqueville Program For Inquiry Into Religion And Public Life, he is a Sorin Fellow with The De Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture, and he is the co-chair of the Identity Project of Notre Dame and the Edith Stein Project Conference.  After graduation, he plans to pursue a Ph.D. in physics.


Ashley Cammiso is a Finance major in the Mendoza College of Business Honors Program with minors in Poverty Studies and the Hesburgh Program of Public Service. She is currently a research assistant for the Kellogg Institute for International Studies’ Initiative on International Economic Integration, as well as a member of the First-Year Undergraduate Experience on Leadership where she serves on the Subcommittee for Sexual Assault Awareness. She is also a member of the Department of Student Empowerment and previously served on the Department of University Policy. Ashley is interested in studying the intersection of poverty, race, and wellbeing for children in urban areas.


Grace Conneely is an Aerospace Engineering major in the College of Engineering. Her research interests lie in the area of space exploration and she hopes to enter the space industry as a part of future space missions. She is also interested in conducting research on the intersection between math and music, specifically the prevalence and impact of mathematical patterns and ratios on what sounds appealing to the human ear. Outside of the classroom Grace is a member of the Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra, the Rocketry Team, and the IrishSat Club. She also serves as the dance commissioner for her dorm, Howard Hall. After Notre Dame, she plans to attend graduate school to study aerospace engineering or computer science.


Juliana Dantas dos Santos de Souza is a Political Science and Economics double major, with a minor in French and Francophone Studies. She is currently a Research Assistant and Country Manager for Brazil in the CoronaNet Research Project, an international research project compiling a database of government policies from more than 100 countries enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. During her time at Notre Dame, she hopes to be able to research how non-state actors work to influence the international system and economy. Juliana is also interested in learning more about the impacts of government policies in the private sector. In the future, she wants to help companies and governments understand how public-private partnerships can be better leveraged in order to accelerate development in a sustainable and socially conscious way. 


Clara Grillo is an International Economics major with Chinese language concentration and a minor in French and Francophone Studies in the College of Arts and Letters. Her research interests lie in the economic and cultural relationships among China, the United States, and the European Union and how these relationships have developed over history. Clara is currently working with Dr. Lionel Jensen, with whom she will be researching the effects of bitcoin and cryptocurrency on the global economy. On campus, Clara is a member of the Notre Dame Symphony orchestra, the Women in Economics Club, and the Asian American Association. Clara is a resident of Walsh Hall where she is involved in Hall Council as a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, plays violin as a member of Walsh’s liturgical music ministry, and works as a Hall Clerk. She is a student ambassador for Third-Space, a global initiative commissioned by UNESCO that aims to connect an international community of Chinese and American students through stories and language. Clara looks forward to studying and interning in China and Europe while a student at Notre Dame. After graduation, Clara plans to pursue graduate study in economics and history studying in both the European Union and China.


Katherine Hill is an Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS) major, and a Theology and Data Science minor. Her astrophysics research consists of studying and observing cataclysmic variable stars and under the guidance of Dr. Peter Garnivich and Colin Littlefield. She is also interested in astrostatistics. She is a member of Army ROTC, the treasurer for Notre Dame Right to Life, and the spirit commissioner for Flaherty Hall (go bears!). After graduation, Katherine plans to continue doing research wherever her interests lead her and spreading her passion for astronomy to future generations.


Eva Homberger is a Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Energy Studies. She currently works as a lab assistant in Dr. Peter Burns’ research group in the Actinide Laboratories, where she studies the properties of uranyl peroxide cage clusters. Passionate about mitigating climate change, Eva plans to pursue a career in sustainable energy and work to facilitate rapid global transition to net zero carbon emissions. On campus, Eva is already pursuing her interest in energy as a member of the Core Student Energy Board and representative for Notre Dame at a recently formed Student Energy Consortium, as well as through her energy-related research in the Burns group. In addition, she is an active member of Engineers Without Borders, Ballet Club, and the Notre Dame Dance Company. After graduation, Eva plans to attend graduate school, hopefully abroad, to further her studies in sustainable energy and approach climate change mitigation from a global perspective.


Anastasia Matuszak is double-majoring in Studio Art and Psychology. She is interested in exploring art and art therapy, specifically how artistic symbolism and expression relate to mental health and happiness. Anastasia hopes to research art as a topic of cultural, personal, and religious significance, as well as a means of communication and treatment during therapy, especially for children with disabilities or mental illnesses. On campus, Anastasia is part of Right to Life ND and served as Director of Spirituality during the spring semester of her first year. She also dances in Ballet Folklórico Azúl y Oro (BFAYO) and is a member of Mustard Creative Writing Club, Ukrainian Society of ND, and Active Minds ND. Starting sophomore year she will be working on campus as a God and the Good Life fellow and dialogue leader.


Richard McManus is an Electrical Engineering major intending to minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Richard’s passion for solving problems led him to catch entrepreneur fever. He is actively involved with IDEA Center, both coaching student startups and running his own venture, Mound Power, a baseball technology company aiming to equip pitchers of all levels with the tools they need reduce injuries while continuing to increase performance. Richard has competed in numerous venture competitions across the country and was chosen to represent Notre Dame in the 2021 ACC Inventure Prize Competition. This summer, Richard will be attending the IDEA Center’s Race to Revenue Internship with the goal of launching his company from South Bend. Richard is excited about the near endless possibilities nanotechnology opens and intends to research nanotechnology through NDnano in the future.


Daniel O’Brien is majoring in the Program of Liberal Studies with minors in Philosophy and Theology. His research interests lie in the development of Christian doctrines during the first millennium CE, particularly how differing Christological and soteriological expressions emerged within and between the Latin West and the Greek East, how the language barrier influenced these traditions, and how a reappreciation of these various schools of thought can enlighten modern theological discourse. Inspired by proponents of universal salvation during this time, including St. Gregory of Nyssa, he is currently completing a research project on universalist interpretations of Romans 5:18-19. On campus, Daniel plays bass guitar in the band “Whisque” and is an active member of the Notre Dame Glee Club. He also serves as Dunne Hall’s liturgical commissioner and plays bass in the mass band. After graduation, he plans on continuing his studies of philosophy, theology, and ancient languages in graduate school.



Olivia Rosenlund is a Mathematics and Economics double-major and plans to minor in either Data Science or Computational and Digital Technologies. On campus, she works as a mathematics tutor for TutorND and regularly volunteers with the Riverbend Math Circles. She is also an active member of both the Math Club and the Women in Economics Club. Olivia is interested in cybersecurity research—she questions whether the influx of virtual activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic has further eliminated our online privacy and plans to analyze the current dangers to children’s safety in cyberspace. After Notre Dame, Olivia hopes to pursue graduate studies in Economics and potentially a research-based career.


Sean Santos is a freshman studying finance, data science, and poverty studies. He is interested in everything finance, especially banking and investment management. He wants to combine his growing knowledge of business with his interests in new technology, like blockchain, to create impactful change. He is currently developing a thesis and implementable plan for impoverished communities to utilize blockchain’s smart contract capabilities in order to receive more opportunities, and another chance to better their lives. He is involved with many clubs at Notre Dame, such as Notre Dame Investment Club, Wall Street Club, and the Men’s Boxing Club. He was able to intern with two different hedge funds this past winter break, Southeastern Asset Management and Vector Partners. He is always trying to challenge himself and gain new perspectives and knowledge wherever he can


Seunghoon "Sunny" Sun is a Science-Business major on the pre-med track in the College of Science. He is interested in biomolecular research and understanding the biological mechanisms in which cancer cells become metastatic. Sunny works in Dr. Zachary Schafer's lab and currently studies the effects of chemotherapeutic-induced senescence on normal cells. On campus, Sunny is involved in the Asian American Association, Korean Student Association, and the Men's Boxing Club. 


Stephanie Swegle is a biology major with a specific interest in the microbiome. She is currently helping the Archie Lab with their research related to female baboon pregnancy, microbiome composition and hormone changes. She is a writer and associate editor on the design team for Scientia; this has been a great way for her to use her love of writing and graphic design to communicate complex scientific ideas in an engaging way. Stephanie is also a health and well-being commissioner for her hall, so she plans events to help the residents of Breen-Phillips Hall de-stress and take care of their health. Stephanie also loves to backpack and hike in her free time. In the future, Stephanie plans to continue her research on campus and beyond, hopefully looking deeper into the connection between the immune system, microbiome changes and hormone production. She also hopes to continue to use her love of art to engage others in science. 


Connor Tinson is an Architecture major minoring in Peace Studies and Real Estate. He will be researching the impact of the built environment on physical and mental health, especially within hospitals. On campus, Connor serves on three Executive Departments, writes for the STOA Architecture magazine, plays on the club ultimate frisbee team, and is one of the directors of the new LGBTQ+ Domers project. After graduation, he plans on going to graduate school for architecture, continuing his research, and later working to help others through design and the built environment.