Sorin Scholars Funding Program

Current Sorin Scholars are eligible to apply for funding support from CUSE for scholarly engagement activities, including but not limited to:

  • Independent Research
  • Research Assistantships
  • Internships
  • Conference Attendance
  • Conference Presentation
  • Workshops or Seminars
  • Language Acquisition
  • Scholarly Development Opportunities

In order to apply for funding, students must:

  • Meet with their Sorin Scholars advisor to discuss the proposed project.
  • Have applied for all other eligible funding opportunities on campus, and either need additional funding to support their project, or not be eligible for other funding opportunities.
  • Submit a completed application for funding to CUSE, using the information below.
  • Priority will be given to opportunities that are unpaid. If you are applying for additional funding for a paid opportunity, your budget needs to show why you additional funding over and above your salary.

To submit your application:

  • Submit a 2-5 page proposal of your project including the following
    • Describe the opportunity (what).
    • Describe your role in the opportunity (how).
      • For independent research, this would be your methodology.
      • For internships or research assistantships, this would be your job description and responsibilities.
      • For Conferences, this would include what you plan to do at the conference (names of panels or presentations, workshops, networking events, your presentation information, etc). 
      • For language acquisition or workshops/seminars, this would be your schedule and plan for how to use your time.
    • Describe how this opportunity adds to your academic studies at ND and how it relates to your long term academic or professional trajectory (why). 
    • Describe how you are qualified to participate in this opportunity and what support you have from faculty or other mentors.
    • Describe what you hope to learn or bring back to campus from this opportunity.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from somebody who can speak to your qualifications for this opportunity and why you should participate in it.
  • Submit a student budget form outlining your expected expenses. 
  • Submit necessary international travel approvals and/or IRB paperwork (if required).



Note: Student who receive funding from CUSE must complete the post-grant requirements outlined here