Tips for Journal and Conference Submission

Need help writing an abstract? Want advice on how to put together or perform an oral or poster presentation? Consider utilizing the following resources.

  1. Abstracts
  2. Oral Presentations
  3. Poster Presentations


Notre Dame's Writing Center is committed to assisting students to become better writers. They are a great resource for understanding specific styles of writing, such as abstract writing. Also, the Writing Center has staff available to edit drafts of abstracts you are submitting for conference presentations or journal publications.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (Purdue OWL) is one of the largest online databases of writing resources and instructional material. They give detailed writing instructions and pertinent examples on all styles of writing, from essays to resumes to abstracts.

The University of North Carolina Writing Center is nationally recognized for the depth and breadth of their online writing resources and guides. Their abstract writing guide is great not just for learning how to write and abstract, but also understanding the purpose of an abstract.

The Duke University Writing Studio is another nationally recognized source for online writing guides and instructions. Duke gets straight to the point of how to write for particular styles without dealing with the purpose of each style.

Oral Presentations

The Kaneb Center at Notre Dame has put together a great resource for those wanting to use visual aid software alongside their oral presentation. This particular resource discusses the benefits and uses of both PowerPoint and Prezi.

ND Remix, a resource database compiled by Hesburgh Libraries, the Kaneb Center, and the Office of Information Technologies, has a great list of visual aid software for oral presentations as well. 

Poster Presentations

ND Remix, a resource database compiled by Hesburgh Libraries, the Kaneb Center, and the Office of Information Technologies, has put together multiple great resources for poster presentations. These resources include pages on academic poster construction, software for making posters, and centers on campus that will print your poster.  You can also print a high-quality cloth poster for under $25 at

Three science professors from North Carolina State University, University of Miami, and Oregon State University have put together a whole website on poster presentations. The website gives advice on knowing your audience, constructing the poster, presenting your poster, and even examples of posters.

A biology professor at Swathmore College put together a resource on poster presentations as well. The site has helpful articles on Dos and Don'ts of posters, software, templates, and more. The professor has also created a Flickr group called Pimp My Poster, where students can share their poster with other members and receive notes and feedback on how to improve it.