CUSE works with outstanding students of all years, colleges, disciplines, and majors. 

Below are examples of Architecture students who have participated in Conference, Research, and Internship opportunities funded by CUSE!




Kangxin Wu, Class of 2019, Architecture

Research: Influence of Taoism on Chinese and Western Architecture: Comparison between Chinese Gardens and Frank Lloyd Wright's Architecture
Location: Beiging and Suzhou, China
Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Richard Economakis

Kangxin Wu Research (PDF)




Matthew Hayes, Class of 2017, Architecture

Internship: Developing Masonry Skills with HFA

Location: Carlton Landing, OK

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Selena Anders

 Matthews Hayes Internship(PDF)




Anthony Derouin, Class of 2018, Architecture

Apprenticeship: HOPE for Architecture

Location: Carlton Landing, OK

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Steven Semes

Anthony Derouin Apprenticeship (PDF)

Chufang Xing Ballet3

Chufang Xing Ballet1

Chufang Xing Ballet2

Chufang Xing, Class of 2016, Architecture

Research: Architectural Counter-Proposal to the San Francisco Ballet

Location: San Francisco, CA

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Douglas Duany

Chufang Xing Research (PDF)

Parker Hansen 3

Parker Hansen 2

Parker Hansen

Parker Hansen, Class of 2018, Architecture

Conference: International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism World Congress

Location: London, England

Faculty Mentor: Samantha Salden

Parker Hansen Report (PDF)

Matt Hayes 1

Matt Hayes 3

Matt Hayes 2

Matt Hayes, Class of 2018, Architecture

Internship: Hands-On Learning with Hope for Architecture

Location: Eufaula, Oklahoma

Faculty Mentor: Selena Anders

Matthew Hayes Internship (PDF)




Michael Langer  Class of 2016, Architecture

Research: The Built Environment, Context, and Community

Location: San Antonio, TX

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Kimberly Rollings

Michael Langer Research (PDF)

Keaton Bloom

Keaton Bloom  Class of 2014, Architecture

Research: East Coast College Study

Location: Charlottesville, VA; Lexington, VA; and Chapel Hill, NC

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Thomas Smith

Keaton Bloom Research (PDF)

Matt Cook

Matthew Cook  Class of 2014, Architecture

Research: Restoring Tradition and Viniculture in Vernazza

Location: Vernazza, Italy

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Neil Hoyt

Matthew Cook Research (PDF)

Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Jennifer Fitzpatrick  Class of 2014, Architecture

Research: Fighting for an Education

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Neil Hoyt

Jennifer Fitzpatrick Research (PDF)

Christine Gregory

Christine Gregory  Class of 2014, Architecture

Research: Micro-Urbanism and Sustainable Redevelopment

Location: Plantation, FL

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Carroll Westfall

Christine Gregory Research (PDF)

Madison Hagen

Madison Hagen  Class of 2014, Architecture

Research: The Architecture of Ecumenical Monasteries

Location: Rome, Bose, and Taize, Italy; and Lazio, Biella, and Burgandy, France

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Douglas Duany

Madison Hagen Research (PDF)


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