CUSE works with outstanding students of all years, colleges, disciplines, and majors.

Below are examples of Engineering students who have participated in Conference, Research, Research Apprenticeship, and Service Learning opportunities funded by CUSE!

Browse student spotlights by the following majors: 

  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Environmental Engineering
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. Multi-Major Group

Aerospace Engineering

Danielle Welsh

Danielle Welsh  Class of 2015, Aerospace Engineering and Spanish

Research: Collaborative Research Project in Alcoy

Location: Alcoy, Spain

Faculty Mentor: Michael Kitz

Danielle Welsh Research (PDF)

Timothy Haller

Timothy Haller  Class of 2013, Aerospace Engineering

Conference Presentation: Biomedical Engineering Society

Location: Atlanta, GA

Faculty Mentor: Philppe Sucosky

Timothy Haller Conference Presentation (PDF)

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Civil Engineering




Michelle Espinal, Class of 2017, Civil Engineering

Conference Attendance: UN Habitat III - Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor:  Alex Taflanidis

Michelle Espinal Conference Attendance(PDF)




Matthew Colturi, Class of 2017, Civil Engineering

Conference Attendance: Greenbuild 2016 International Conference and Exp

Location: Los Angelas, California

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor:  Alex Taflanidis

Matthew Colturi Conference Attendance (PDF)




Daniela Lugo Romero, Class of 2018, Civil Engineering

Eagan Fellowship: NDSEED in Nicaragua

Location: Terrero Sur, Nicaragua

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Tracy Kijewski-Correa

Daniela Lugo Romero Assistantship (PDF)

Kaleigh McLaughlin 2

Kaleigh McLaughlin 3

Kaleigh McLaughlin 1

Kaleigh McLaughlin, Class of 2015, Civil Engineering

Conference Presentation: Mitigation Strategies for Strong Currents in Harbors presentation at The National Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Conference

Location: Boston, MA

Faculty Mentor: Alexandros Taflanidis

Kaleigh McLaughlin Conference Presentation (PDF)

Erik Jensen

Erik Jensen  Class of 2014, Civil Engineering

Research Apprenticeship: Sustainable Housing in Post-Earthquake Haiti with Engineering2Empower

Location: Notre Dame, IN

Faculty Mentor: Alexandros Taflanidis

Erik Jensen Research Apprenticeship (PDF)

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Chemical Engineering




Paul Rudnicki, Class of 2017, Chemical Engineering

Conference Presentation: Comparative study of photosynthetic unit (PSU) models for   algal growth rate and florescence prediction under light/dark cycles

Location: San Francisco, CA

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor:  Jason Hicks

Paul Rudnicki Conference Presentation (PDF)




John Casey, Class of 2017, Chemical Engineering

Conference Presentation: Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Pinar Zorlutuna

Jack Casey Conference Presentation  (PDF)




Maura Vrabel, Class of 2018, Chemical Engineering

Internship: AVM Biotechnology

Location: AVM Biotechnology Seattle, WA

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Basar Bilgicer

Maura Vrabel Internship (PDF)




Paulina Eberts, Class of 2017, Chemical Engineering

Service-Learning: Detection of Substandard Pharmaceuticals in Kenya via High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Location: Eldoret, Kenya

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Marya Liberman

Paulina Eberts Service-Learning (PDF)

Mikyaila Jaramillo 2

Mikyaila Jaramillo 2

Mikyaila Jaramillo 1

Mikyaila Jaramillo, Class of 2017, Chemical Engineering

Research: Metastasis on a Chip

Location: Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine 

Mikyaila Jaramillo Research (PDF)

Kyle Cowdrick

Kyle Cowdrick  Class of 2015, Chemical Engineering

Research Apprenticeship: Intravital Imaging of Tumor Microenvironment with Dr. Siyuan Zhang

Location: Notre Dame, IN

Faculty Mentor: Siyuan Zhang

Kyle Cowdrick Research Apprenticeship (PDF)

Daniel Kerekes 1

Daniel Kerekes 2

Daniel Kerekes 3

Daniel Kerekes, Class of 2015, Chemical Engineering

Conference: Society of Surgical Oncology Annual Cancer Symposium Presentation

Location: Houston, Texas

Faculty Mentor: Joseph Buttigieg

Daniel Kerekes Report (PDF)

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Electrical Engineering

Alison O'Connor 3

Alison O'Connor 2

Alison O'Connor 1

Alison O'Connor, Class of 2016, Electrical Engineering

Service Learning: World Teach

Location: Namibia, Africa

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Melissa Marley-Bonnichson

Alison O'Connor Service Learning (PDF)

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Environmental Engineering




Alicia Czarnecki, Class of 2017, Environmental Engineering

Conference Attendance: Society of Women Engineers

Location: Washington, D.C. 

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Castle

Alicia Czarnecki Conference Attendance (PDF)


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Mechanical Engineering




Justin Campanaro, Class of 2017, Mechanical Engineering

Michael Ruof, Class of 2018, Mechanical Engineering

Conference Presentation: Optimizing ICE Efficiency with Cycling: Methods for Evaluating Achievable Gains

Location: Montreal, Canada

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Peter Bauer

Michael Ruof Conference Presentation and Justin Campanaro Conference Presentation (PDF)




Theresa Bickel, Class of 2017, Mechanical Engineering and Japanese

Research: Timken Large Wind Bearing Online Monitoring System

Location:  Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Bill Goodwine

Theresa Bickel Research (PDF)

Jack Keller

Jack Keller  Class of 2015, Mechanical Engineering

Research: Optimizing Cylindrical Roller Bearing Measurements

Location: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Faculty Mentor: William Goodwine

Jack Keller Research (PDF)

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Multi-Major Group




NDSEED Bridges to Prosperity Conference

Location: Estes Park, CO

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Tracy Kijewski-Correa

Student Presenters

Olivia August, Class of 2017, Environmental Engineering

Max Ducey, Class of 2016, Civil Engineering

Andrew Glover, Class of 2016, Civil Engineering

Sam Smith, Class of 2016, Civil Engineering




Student Attendees

Maria Ines Araguren, Class of 2018, Computer Science

Rachel Bohac, Class of 2016, Civil Engineering

Christianos Burlotos, Class of 2018, Civil Engineering

Daniela Luego Romero, Class of 2018, Civil Engineering

Andrea Ovideo Buitrago, Class of 2018, Mechanical Engineering

Emily Reeve, Class of 2018, Civil Engineering

Stephen Seward, Class of 2018, Aerospace Engineering

Savannah Washlesky, Class of 2017, Civil Engineering

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