CUSE works with outstanding students of all years, colleges, disciplines, and majors.

Below are examples of Humanities students who have participated in Conference, Research, and Service Learning opportunities funded by CUSE!

Browse student spotlights by the following majors: 

  1. Africana Studies
  2. American Studies
  3. History
  4. Philosophy
  5. Program of Liberal Studies
  6. Theology

Africana Studies

Emily Mediate

Emily Mediate, Class of 2015, Africana Studies and Pre-Professional

Conference Presentation: Global Health and Innovation Conference

Location: Yale University, New Haven, CT

Faculty Mentor: Christian Smith

Emily Mediate Conference Presentation (PDF)

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American Studies

Megan Schilling

Megan Schilling, Class of 2016, American Studies

Service Learning: HANDS Organization: Esperanza Juvenil

Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Megan Schilling Service Learning (PDF)

Mike Vangel

Mike Vangel, Class of 2014, American Studies and Italian

Research: Delta Sound: Cold War America and the Blues

Location: Bologna, Italy

Faculty Mentor: Annie Colman

Mike Vangel Research (PDF)

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Kelly Fleckenstein, Class of 2019, Finance and History

Research: Confederate Financial Policies: Prolonging the War Despite Overwhelming Odds

Location: National Archives at Washington, DC and University Park, MD

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Paul Ocobock

Kelly Fleckenstein Research (PDF)




Zhixing Zhang, Class of 2017, Mathematics and History

Research: Planting the Seeds of the Modern East Asian Dilemma: Myths and New Interpretations of the Japanese Invasions of Korea (1592-1598)

Location: China, Japan, & Korea

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Julia Adeney Thomas

Zhixing Zhang Research (PDF)




Grace Maginn, Class of 2016, History

Conference Presentation:Images of War: Spanish Postcards in La Campaña del Rif

Location: San Diego, CA

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Karen Graubart

Grace Maginn Conference Presentation(PDF)

Tianyi Tan 3

Tianyi Tan 2

Tianyi Tan 1

Tianyi Tan, Class of 2018, History

Research: Latest Chinese Judicial Reform (2014): Construction of the Legal Professional Community

Location: Shanghai, China

Faculty Mentor: Peter Moody

Tianyi Tan Research (PDF)

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Bridget Rickard, Class of 2018, Philosophy and Peace Studies

Internship: Caritas Internationalis/United Nations NY

Location: New York City

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Atalia Omer

Bridget Rickard Internship (PDF)


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Program of Liberal Studies




Torian Riley, Class of 2019, Program of Liberal Studies

Research: Law Proceedings in Asia

Location: Beijing, China

Notre Dame Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Noble

 Torian Riley Research(PDF)

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Jenna Ahn

Jenna Ahn, Class of 2015, Theology and Pre-Professional

Research: Missionaries of Charity and Theologies of Mission

Location: Kolkata, India

Faculty Mentor: Fr. Paul Kollman

Jenna Ahn Research (PDF)

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